Stress relation to critical illness

Stress less or suffer a critical illness

Research in China that examined white-collar workers in Beijing found work-related stress was associated in women with increased thickness of the carotid artery wall, an early sign of cardiovascular disease.


Researchers at Harvard Medical School report that women with highly stressful jobs are 40% more likely to have poor cardiac health, such as a heart disease, a heart attack or coronary artery surgery, compared to their less-stressed colleagues.

In as much as we wish not to believe our peers or elders, we already know they are right with their advice but we seemingly think we are invincible that “it” wont happen to me. The “it”, of course getting heart attacks or general heart disease or strokes or cancer. Welp, we’re wrong and their right. As it turns out stats simply never lie. You are more likely and at risk then you think in fact it is now almost more probable that you will be diagnosed and yet we probably wont take preventative action as a majority overall until it is already too late.

It is hard to say whether you had a heart attack due to smoking and drinking and overweight lack of exercising and lack of sleep was the cause, or was it the stress?

Neither help although so that we all know more and more people are stressing over finances and the economy then since the “Great Depression” which there was nothing great about it. When your body stresses due to losing a job or lack of funds to live your means or responsibility to the family as a bread winner causes a lot of stress on your body the way too much weight puts stress on the legs of a table or anything for that matter. We all have our breaking points and most don’t know what it is for the body till its…yep too late. By that time you’ve already compromised your body, your chassis, your table etc. You are susceptible to many things now and stress in your life must be removed.

Tips: to remove stress is not easy but taking care of your body is. Preventative things such as working out will provide your body with a signal letting it know it needs sleep and get a good night rest. In addition, the working out or simple cardio strengthens the heart, alleviates stress and actually reduces the need for smoking. As you eat more properly with a balanced diet you will feel better and that in itself will alleviate stress.

Try to find what you love to do for a living, and yes, it might not pay as much but writing this made me see that I must take my own advice. I have quit the cigarette 20 year hold it had on me, simply working out or so for 30 minutes will be tremendous difference and stress free happier life.

Here’s the most profound thing if I cant convince you try the words of the Dalai Lama who says the meaning of Life, is to be happy. Drinking smoking lack of exercise stress in  a high payout job is not happy more than a short while. So, when your friends say stop stressing your gonna give yourself a Heart attack, or stop yelling you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack or stroke…is it worth it?

Dear Dalai Lama -

“What thing about humanity surprises you the most?”

Answer: “Man”
Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money
Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health
And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present,
And as a result he doesn’t live in the present or the future
And he lives as if he’s never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived

If you get heart attack a stroke or cancer you’ll need to pay for what health insurance wont pay for since critical illness and major medical cases are cause to 62% of all bankruptcies Critical illness policies are reduced in premiums and having one can lower your health insurance premiums the way having an alarm reduces your insurance on a house or car. Critical illness insurance starts at only $20 a month . You can receive quotes and application assistance from Critical illness agents or sources like the Critical Illness Resource Center.

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