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Good Luck Duck!

Gilbert Gottfried changes his letters around to GottFired!

Aflac and the quack as we know it is now gone amid the controversial series of ‘tweets’ or comments that was made by the voice of Aflac…comedian Gilbert Gottfried. This really could not have occurred at a worse time for Aflac as they are dealing with the situation that Gottfried was actually trying to make light of, which was taken by some, (and executives at Aflac) to be uncouth or not in good taste and non humorous.


As we all know the terrible situation over in Japan with the earthquake of nearly 9 on the Richter  scale caused major damage and multiple fatalities. It also caused repercussions with reactors and nuclear facilities whereby radiation is at its highest point ever. In this case it happens to be extreme.

Aflac Stock

Aflac stocks came tumbling down amid fears that there would be many claims on a level that could put Aflac in a bad position financially. Why Aflac though  in particular you may ask? “Aflac” is the number one insurer over in Japan and has been about the greatest source of revenues for the company as the largest insurer of Cancer and supplemental insurance in Japan since the 70′s. That could mean big financial losses for the company and stock holders.


We certainly have no real opinion here and take a third party view to state that, “It is not necessarily what happens but rather how one handles it that matters most”. Cancer insurance is important in the US too and can actually save you money on your skyrocketing health insurance premiums! However you really should get Critical illness insurance instead since it covers more for nearly the same price. Simply and type “Critical illness insurance”.

We believe pulling through this will make Aflac stronger than they ever were and trust that DUCK will be Japan’s salvation and moreover, we will overcome! Good Luck Duck and show everybody what your made of.

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