What you need to know

What you need to know about critical illness insurance before you buy

What is critical illness insurance? Where to go to get it? Wheres the least expensive plans?

Too many questions and here are the answers: First Critical illness is a condition medical that has been diagnosed as beyond the day to day normal occurances that are minor in comparison. Critical health conditions are but not limited to Cancer, or something related to the heart that is a disease like heart attack or needing a bypass, or cirlatory system or a major can not do with type organ issue such as kidney failure. Strokes and paralisys, and loss of lims or blindness comas etc. Critical illness insurance was developed by the first success human to human heart surgeon Dr. Marius Barnard from south Africa. This was to be protection that did not wipe out a family’s finances and put them into further stress than they already were. In addition they could get better can and now more than ever people are living further years with new modern day technolgies that were not available before. This is neccesary since health insurance does not cover everything. Stats are that 62% from the Harvard univesity report stated that this percentile file bankruptcy due to a major medical condition and that 78% actually had health insurance coverage already in place.

You can go to through an insurance agent or you can have your agent get it for you through the Critical illness Insurance Resource Center. If you do not have an agent the Center can appoint you with one or assist you directly. Applications can be filed online for most carriers and the insurance dept can see which is the best coverage and rated plans and carriers for your geographic location that is on file withthem. Where NOT to get them is on your existing major medical policy. Get critical illness coverage outside of your health plan. Rates will not go up and you will get guaranteed renewability with most whereas you can not with a rider to your health insurance. Plus rates are not locked in if on your major medical not separate.

Where to go and shop?Best to compare critical health insurance plans to see which has the best features and benefits for your dollar. You can do all your searching on plans at the Critical illness resource center by filing a quote request or by calling 866-666-Insurance(4678) or via your agent calling them on your behalf. OR visit them on the web at www.CriticalIllnessPolicies.com

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