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Aflac Stock, Aflac Quack, Aflac Japan… Aflac news

Good Luck Duck! Gilbert Gottfried changes his letters around to GottFired! Aflac and the quack as we know it is now gone amid the controversial series of ‘tweets’ or comments that was made by the voice of Aflac…comedian Gilbert Gottfried. … Continue reading

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What you need to know

What you need to know about critical illness insurance before you buy What is critical illness insurance? Where to go to get it? Wheres the least expensive plans? Too many questions and here are the answers: First Critical illness is … Continue reading

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Stress relation to critical illness

Stress less or suffer a critical illness Research in China that examined white-collar workers in Beijing found work-related stress was associated in women with increased thickness of the carotid artery wall, an early sign of cardiovascular disease. Researchers at Harvard … Continue reading

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Critical Illness Policies Gets Face lift gets a makeover directly after its new website facelift. The surgery on the site was a complete overhaul offering a cleaner look and more user friendly feel to both agents and consumers alike searching for up to date information … Continue reading

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