Critical Illness Policies Gets Face lift gets a makeover directly after its new website facelift. The surgery on the site was a complete overhaul offering a cleaner look and more user friendly feel to both agents and consumers alike searching for up to date information on the growing need for CII (Critical Illness Insurance).

The site was well thought out and mastermind wizard(s) behind the scenes, or curtain as it were, made the transition smooth and seamless. Optimization was a challenge, but with the new look and feel, master in house seo and design team as well as copywriting participants, research and developers, countless man hours as well as investment funding, the site is now being hailed as THE SOURCE for critical illness insurance information, comparisons, company and carrier info, agent center, consumer and business CII or voluntary benefits portal.

The end of the surgery is now here and near, and the unveiling of the anticipated new critical illness insurance logo for the Critical Illness Resource Center comes out this month (January 2011). There is one main logo and a secondary as well, coupled with the company motto both being stamped under copyright, registered, and trademark. All of these projects to be released by month’s end, a great way to stay on track for the New Year 2011.

Onfy, and feel the soothing relief in every fiber of your being.

If needing further information on anything critical illness insurance related can be reviewed and asked at the Critical Illness Insurance Department by means of the Official site

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