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United States first Critical illness insurance quoting engine

The first of its kind in the United States Powered by an on staff coding team has been under development and Beta version is hitting the market the latter part of  Jan 2011. While there may be a quote engine available in other countries, there hasn’t been a big enough call to build one in the U.S. …until now.

What is a quote engine?

You’ve used quote engines before and probably didnt know that in fact is what it is actually called. You can use them as a more efficient way of getting multiple quotes without having to contact different suppliers and get the quotes by one search and the end result is  multiple quotes from multiple competitors. The most famous of which have been for travel hotel and car rentals through Orbitz ro Travelocity, Kayak or Priceline.

How about for health and life insurance? Absolutely, you have heard of ehealthinsurance which matches insurance plans from many carriers. So why now? In  light of the fact that health insurance costs are on the rise primarily due to the health care reform, til 2014 the prices of premiums are going up quarterly or monthly and if locked in your premiums for a year it could sky rocket to nearly double.  And yes, it will continue to rise even after 2014. This to offset costs to carriers. Solution…Supplemental health insurance to the rescue Primarily critical illness insurance and accident insurance.

Did you know that by getting this coverage separately from your major medical health insurance you can actually get more coverage and pay far less in premiums? It is true!

With the new critical illness insurance quoting engine you can get quotes from many top critical illness carriers at once with inputting the information once and then apply directly on line. No shopping around needed. Simply choose the plan based on the benefits by your carrier and state and the best price quote from the quote engine. You will be able to use the quote engine for free at CriticalillnessPolicies.com or get assistance from the resource dept.

If you are an agent and would like to offer it, with credentials you can access it for your clients with your own customizations.

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